Club Mission

The Mission, Vision, and Core Values that help guide our club:

The mission of Ohio Lightning Lacrosse Club is to provide area lacrosse players with the best technical training and playing environment necessary to reach the highest possible level of play. A professional and proven development model is used to provide the opportunity for Ohio Lightning players to progress to their maximum ability and potential.


The vision of Ohio Lightning is to grow as a club in order to offer the maximum amount of lacrosse opportunities for youth players in their area.

Core Values:

The backbone of Ohio Lightning is player development. Our goal is to improve the overall ability of the lacrosse players and to do that we focus on the basics. The basic skills of lacrosse are necessary to compete at a high level. At Ohio Lightning we stress these basics everyday in training and during competition. Players will focus on the basic skills of lacrosse and how to transfer them to the broader scope of competition.

Thank you for checking out our lacrosse club. We are committed to providing a quality experience for all of our players. We are not affiliated with any other club.  We are trying to grow the game of lacrosse around the state of Ohio. Thank you again for checking us out!